FlexClip – An Excellent Online Service for Video Making and Editing


FlexClip is one of the best sites for creating and editing videos without downloading any software. This tool is developed by PearlMountain Limited. FlexClip provides comprehensive video services that help companies and individuals create professional marketing videos as well as family stories withease.


Video Editing

FlexClip offers many free services that include making professional videos and clips without using any program by uploading and editing special clips on a platform quite easily.

Templates and Themes


Flexclip has tons of templates and themes to create video content for all industries and businesses. That will help you edit great videos and publish them on all social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other world-famous social sites.

Transition Elements

You can upgrade your video to a professional one of your own by using the many features and additions provided by flexclip, including backgrounds, graphics and animated text fonts. You can also create introductions to your videos creatively and professionally. On the other hand, you can also obtain and customize slots and end videos for social networking sites, such as those used on the YouTube platform.


Media Storage

The flexclip site contains lots of royalty-free videos, photos and music. It provides them for free for you to use in your videos and upload them to the most popular platforms on which you work.


Moving Elements

Make your video clip more attractive by using dynamic animated texts. Incorporating various shapes of transitions, overlays, logos, and other animated elements.


FlexClip Disadvantages

There is no such thing as a perfect tool. FlexClip also has its shortages. The speed sometimes can be slow because it’s web browser based. And since it’s easy to use for beginners, it may not liked by professionals for its lack of professional editing features.

Three Steps to Editing AVideo

  • Add media: add videos, photos from computer, or stock libraries to your storyboard.
  • Personalization: Add text, music and voiceover to customize your video.
  • Export: Download your video with different rates and definitions, then share it online with the world.

The platform or the video editor provides a set of fonts that you can use on special tape with the ability to control its fortunes and movements and with the ability to choose the appropriate screen size in the export process.

Through the platform, you can also choose millions of audio clips of different types and merge them with the video that you want to export. Among these clips here are Jazz rap, hip-hop and many without intellectual property rights for free.

On the other hand, you can also use a set of icons for social networking sites to add your own style or add your pages to Social Media.

Another great feature of flexclip is that you can export your video in different sizes for phones, tablets, and TV screens. As well as with different quality, starting from SD to HD quality.

Pricing Plans

Video Making and Editing

The site has several plans, including paid and free. The free one is very sufficient to create a professional video and publish it on most social media sites as it has several other advantages I have not mentioned.I’ll leave them to you to discover with flexclip.

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