How Much Does It Cost to Replace Car Headlights?

The headlights of the car are quite important for a person and taking care of headlights is quite important. The replacements of the car headlights are required for multiple reasons; hence, you can buy the The process of replacing the entire headlight system is almost the same for every car.

Hence, before replacing the auto parts such as headlights people are suggested to go through the owner manual. A person only needs to change the bulb of a headlight in most of the cases. People who carry the replacement process by DIY methods need not worry about the pricing of replacement because they would have to pay for the parts that need replacement.

However, for other people, the replacement cost for headlights depends upon the model of care and manufacturer. The owner of the car should always consider the cost of replacement involved in the bill. On the other hand, the quality of newly purchased components or parts is quite important to avoid any extra maintenance charge.

In case, if you have purchased inferior quality parts or they do not match with the model of your car, then your money spent on buying those particles would get wasted.

The parts such as headlights are quite important for cars and not anyone should compromise with the condition as well as the quality of car headlights.

However, in most cases, the owner of a car knows about the problem caused by a headlight only when the bulb is burned out or it goes dim. If someone is regularly driving his or her car during the nighttime then there are chances that car headlights can go off quickly.

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Replacement of the headlight bulb

The cost for the replacement of a set of halogen bulbs would cost around INR 1000. When it is about HID replacement bulbs, their cost is dependent upon the type of bulb. On the other hand, LED replacement bulbs are available for not more than INR 3000.

It is usually advised by the automotive experts to replace the pair of headlight bulbs at the same time. When one of your bulbs is burnt out then it is obvious that other bulbs of headlight would be burnt out soon. Hence, before assigning the replacement task the process of replacing the headlight bulbs, you should find out the installation cost as well as labor charges.

In addition to this, the mechanic would also charge extra to replace the bulbs depending upon the nature of the problem and the requirement for completing the job.  When the headlights of your car do not function properly, it is quite risky for a person to drive the car outside in the night. The owner of the car should regularly check that both headlights are working well, repaired and replaced immediately.

This will help you to make your car a road-worthy automobile. When the headlights of your car are not functioning properly, then you should hire an experienced mechanic for solving the problem with an ideal solution. The inspection charges that would be charged by a mechanic will not be less than INR 6000.

When fuse or wiring of headlight needs to be replaced, the charges could be higher and the expert mechanic might charge not less than INR 10000 for every hour. On the other hand, if the headlight switch or dimmer switch needs replacement, then its cost can go up to over INR 15000.

When the process of the replacement process is carried out at the mechanic shop, the charges would be higher. However, when you are at dealerships for replacement process then you can be assured that every part is of good quality.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Car Headlights 1

Replacement of headlight assembly

Whenever the headlights of your car are broken during an accident then your entire unit needs to be changed. The cost of replacement would be higher and it would not be under INR 14000.  The replacement also depends upon the model, type, manufacturer of a car there could be the reason behind variation in cost for the replacement of the entire headlight.

The auto parts such as headlight assembly of good quality might differ from INR 21000 to 45000 and for LED light the cost could be higher. You can find the best deals regarding headlight assembly online. The latest models of headlights might have fasteners and bolts for making the task time-consuming as well as complex. However, the installation charge would be approximately INR 8500.

Upgrading of headlights

Whenever the headlights of your car fail to provide you needed illumination level, it would be a higher risk for you to drive the cars during bad weather or nighttime. In case, your car has an old halogen bulb, then they could be upgraded to LED or HID lights that have been developed by new technology.

HID conversion kit costs might range around INR 9800 while LED headlights are quite expensive, but they can last long for enough time. The car owners should ensure that they are choosing a cost-effective solution for replacing the headlights.

However, the automotive experts at the same time recommend not to compromise with the safety of their family. They should also try to avoid the heavy fines charged by the traffic control authorities. There are multiple affordable options for replacing the headlights and that can be bought from any dealership. You strongly need to consider the durability as well as the cost of the type of headlight you are choosing.

Cost for replacing the headlight bulbs

The headlights of your car ensure your safety while driving the car at night and when it is difficult for you to see during bad weather. Hence, the driver of the car should make sure that headlight bulbs of your car need to be replaced when they start to get dim.

The cost of headlight replacement usually varies from a model; of car and type of mechanic you are hiring for a replacement job. The ideal cost that is charged for replacing the headlight varies from INR 5000 among which the charge of labor could be INR 3500.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Car Headlights 1

Choose the best mechanic for help

The expert automotive mechanic at boodmo can help you in the best replacement for your car headlight. Hence, replacing headlight is one of the important tasks that you should keep in mind. This information would help you in the ideal replacement of your car headlights with LED or HID bulbs.

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